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I could remember watching him back then as a teenager, who signed from Everton FC; scoring a hat-trick on his debut. Lot of teenagers and academy players score ‘n’ number of goals in the early stages if their careers or even better, on their debut in the apex order of the ‘Beautiful Game‘ and start their journey with a bang.

An aggressive, goal-hungry teenage Scouser at the World’s best club was surely the talking point back then; tearing apart the Fenerbahçe S.K. back line on his competitive debut. A fine example of hunger, confidence and ambition being orchestrated to the finest detail by the greatest mentor anyone could ever have, Sir Alex Ferguson; resulted in the birth of Wayne Mark Rooney.



His achievements and records with club and country; the highest goal scorer for Manchester United as well as England FA as well as the captain of both the teams; won lots of individual honours and titles. Of course, as a Manc I’ve seen him growing up from a hot head ruthless teenager to a very calm, composed and matured player; the thing that separates Wazza from the rest is his commitment towards the team, his sacrifice and adaptability in response to the spontaneous tactical changes.



The grit was evident when he scored that beautiful free-kick from 29 yards out past Lee Grant from such a tight angle, salvaging a point for the team and extended the unbeaten run of the team to 17 matches. This stunner was his 250th goal for the club, the highest for the club and also the 88th away goal in the premier league, also the highest number of goals by any player.

The heart touching moment was watching Rooney not celebrating the milestone, instead he directed the team to get the ball and move to the centre to push for another goal. He may be getting slower and older but White Pelé as they say; you’re a fucking Manchester United legend.