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Featured: Kick Cruelty. Pick Equality.

Article by Bhumika Bhatnagar

Women are an essential part of society, but through corridors of time they had seen discrimination, exploitation and violation of their human rights. Women attain human rights by birth, which are violated by the society since many ages. Equality between men and women and eliminating all forms of exploitation and discrimination should be the major concern for development and empowerment of women around the world. Women are considered a means of sexual pleasure as well as an instrument to carry on a generation, and had seen a cruel type of human conduct against them like physical, mental and sexual abuse; but a woman is something more: she’s a daughter, a sister and a mother. Humanity should be the major concept of living, and human rights are irrespective of gender.

Felonies against Women

Violence: Women are on the receiving end of domestic and sexual violence. The International Men and Gender Equality Survey Questionnaire report that 24% of Indian men had committed domestic or sexual violence in their lives; according to the disgust mentality of Indian society, women should tolerate violence in order to keep the family together.

Dowry: Illegal in India but still conducted by the family of bride to keep groom’s family happy and satisfied by giving them expensive gifts. A murder or suicide of a woman is caused by a dispute over her dowry is called dowry deaths and when it is done by setting a woman on fire, it’s called bride burning.

Rape: A nightmare in the life of any woman. In India, a woman is raped in every 29 minutes. Women are not safe in their own house as their husbands force them to have sex without their consent, it’s called marital rape. A pity, it’s not a crime in India but surely a social offence which needs attention.

Female Feticide & Infanticide: The crime done by the parents to get rid from a girl child. In India, birth of a female child is considered to be social and economic burden for her parents. There was increase in the number of sex-selective abortion in the 1990s than 2000s. Significantly more abortion occurs in rural areas as compared to urban areas when the child is female.

Women are tortured in many other ways like Honor Killing, Forced Prostitution and Acid Attacks. This is how women are treated in the society and it is a shame for us.

Armaments for protection of Women’s Rights

All the instruments for protection of women’s rights were brought by some active women. They struggled past many decades for ensuring equality, but they outburst in the nineteenth century, resulted in the first International Council of Women; with some of the events women had made others to think on their issue lead to:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948: Ensures rights for empowerment of women and equality; states: “Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedom set forth in this declaration without distinction of any kind such as race, color or sex”.

Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women, 1981: The convention focuses on elimination forms of discrimination against women and to abolish such type of practices, customs and religious ceremonies which are affecting women or exploiting them. It enforces the States to abolish customs, practices and rituals which discriminates women from men.

Convention for the Suppression of the Traffic in Persons and of the Exploitation of the Prostitution of Others, 1951: Resulted in reduction of illegal human trafficking and helped other nations to adopt similar type of regulation as India did, by not allowing cinematography of women in an indecent form.

Convention on the Political Rights of Women, 1953: It ensures right of a woman to vote and to take part in the elections, the concern of political rights were kept in mind for uplifting the status of women

The African Charter Human and Peoples Rights, 1986: Adopted by the African countries and imposed obligation on the African state for eliminating all forms of discrimination and to ensure protection of women’s rights.

Right to Equality: Indian constitution has provided rights which gave liberty to the women; the fundamental rights had been laid down for equal opportunities for women in all fields of development.

Society needs to learn that girl pride is as important as boy pride. In India, we worship goddesses and on the other hand we abuse women. Hypothetically, women might have been given more freedom but in practice, they still suffer many hardship, inhuman dignities and unworthy treatment everywhere. A disciplined society could be easily attained with coordination of both men and women together, like any individual we all are humans first, everyone has right to dignity, equality and life. The traditional status of women is breaking up and role-sets based on achievement, independence and equality are gradually coming up. Society has started respecting women and their position has started changing from a vulnerable position to a position of confidence and life of prosperity.