A Secret Life

And we were bound to a secret life.
We kissed behind closed doors.
Stayed up the nights telling each other metaphors and rhymes.
Telling each other stories of the innocent children we once were.

And we were bound to a secret life.
Where we stripped off our clothes and let them fall on the porcelain floor.
Our hearts craved the passion and lust.
Our skin was dying to be caressed and touched and our bodies were dying to collide and become one.

And so we hid and created the life we built inside our twisted minds.
We were bound to a secret life.
It felt like heaven and paradise.
It felt right and nice.


His Eyes

The teardrops run down, and fall off his nose;
He cries in dark corners, where nobody goes.

You can follow the tracks, from his eyes to his chin;
Years upon years, of letting them win.

His eyes tell a story, of anger and pain;
You think that he’s happy, but just look again.

The scars of his past, hidden under his clothes;
Are a roadmap to places, that nobody knows.

His smile is now painted, he’s a master of disguise;
And you can see it all, just look into his eyes.


The Moon Sank

As the moon sat in the middle of your eyes;
It started to glow as if it found home after suffering the universes’ lies.

I found myself stranded in the middle of the Sun’s heat;
With burns of distance, I was completely wounded.

So the moon started to watch over for me;
For our souls to be one, it started to breathe for me.

Soon your gaze everted, the moonlight was fading away;
The moon was left deserted, as it gave my life, your light and its remaining days away.

Featured, Hindi, Poetry, Tulika by Hari


जब तू नही तो यह ज़मी नही;
और आसमान भी नही|
चाँद नही, तारे भी नही;
और सूरज भी नही|
ज़िंदगी, ज़िंदगी ही नही;
और प्यार, प्यार ही नही|
चाँद की चाँदनी भी नही;
सूरज की रोशनी ही नही|
दरिया की मौज भी नही;
साज़ मे सोज़ भी नही|

पर तेरे होने से आ जाती है;
सब और बहार ही बहार|
यह ज़मी ढक जाती है फूलों से;
और सब तरफ़ बहार ही बहार|
चाँद की चाँदनी खिल उठती है सब ओर;
सूरज की रोशनी नज़र आती है सब ओर|
चाँद और तारे भी चमक उठते हैं आसमाँ पर;
ज़िंदगी और ज़िंदगी खिलखिला उठती है सभी ओर|
काश! तू आती रहे और कभी जाने का नाम ना ले;
जिस तरह शमां जलती रहे पर बुझने का कभी नाम न ले|

~हरि मोहन भटनागर ‘हरि’