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Featured: Travel- A Dive into Myself.

Article by Shubham Rathore

Hello Everyone!

Travel! I think most of us gets excited just by hearing this word, Why?
I can’t say about others but I can surely try to dig out the reasons for myself. So, let’s start the journey……one second, let me provide a precautionary warning first, I hereby declare that I’m not at all an extensively travelled man. I am just a guy who likes to go out and explore my surroundings each and every day. So, fasten your seat belts. 🙂

I think each one of us have different outlook on the topic of travel. For some it might be a getaway from the usual, for some it might just be a simple commute, for some it might mean to explore something new etc etc. Well for me it’s anything and everything you do after stepping out of your home. Here home is also a very relative as well as complex word, for me it’s where you get it all, where you have absolutely no complaints, where life’s good.

For me, travel has absolutely no destination. It’s a dive into the unknown. Here, you only seek knowledge. Knowledge about yourself, about your surroundings.

How I discovered my Love of Travel?

I’ve been a hardcore runner for almost 3 years now. One year back I thought that my passion was only running but one fine day while travelling to some place I realized that my true love is to travel. I realized that I like to travel and run because they are basically the same thing at the root level, reasons being:

– When I run, my mind is in calm state, I can gain clarity about an issue if I want to or else, I can just be in the moment. The same thing I realized happens when I travel. I think there is something with the movement that makes the the brain behave the way it does.
– Running has made me realize how less we really need in life and in turn made me appreciate what we get.
– Running has helped me in growing as a human because you get to learn a lot about life when you’re exposed to the elements while on the run.
– You can experience these two things if you travel with a minimalistic approach only, If you’re travelling with all the luxury then, I suppose you won’t be able to feel it.
– I have seen some of the most beautiful sights while on the run and it has helped me in bonding with people that, I don’t even know few minutes before.
This one needs no justification as, this is what travel is all about.

How I like to Travel?

– I love to explore a place with the minimum impact because, it’s more fun that way. I’m a person who loves to go places through public transport, while there I love to roam around on foot. This way you get to connect with the place in a better way.
– I am that sort of a person who doesn’t believe in making itinerary for a travel. I go to the place, ask people what to do and do it. This approach helps in being in the exact moment.
– I love to talk with locals, this way you get to broaden your horizons and make some very pure relationships.
– I also like to travel solo sometimes, as you get to learn a lot more about yourself. One more thing that I noticed while some solo travels is that, people tend to extend a lot of warmth when you travel alone. This makes things very interesting.

“It is by moving around this beautiful world, we travel deeper into ourselves and make it beautiful as well,what you need on this journey is the same set of eyes and heart that you’re born with on this earth.”

Thanks for the read and let me know about your version of travel at my blog Talks on the Run.

Have a good life! 🙂



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