The Moon Sank

As the moon sat in the middle of your eyes;
It started to glow as if it found home after suffering the universes’ lies.

I found myself stranded in the middle of the Sun’s heat;
With burns of distance, I was completely wounded.

So the moon started to watch over for me;
For our souls to be one, it started to breathe for me.

Soon your gaze everted, the moonlight was fading away;
The moon was left deserted, as it gave my life, your light and its remaining days away.


The Uninvited Guest

Whether you’re ignorant or wise, I’ll come to you;
Like a storm on a sunny day, and stay with you for the rest of your life.

I’ll feed on circumstances, ignoring the intentions of your heart;
And slowly mix darkness, into your present and past.

You’d watch helplessly, your painting turn into a dull canvas;
The one which you started fresh, on a white colored glass.

You may write words of hope and try to open new doors;
But your book shall become like wet sand close to the sea shore.

I’d shine like the beam of light and make your vision blur;
Everytime you choose to drive your way back towards home.

You may wish to ignore me, but I’m real;
My name is Regret, who stayed all along in your neighbourhood.